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Welcome to the GOL Community and Membership!

Once again, we want to welcome you to being part of the fusion of an innovative network and an authentic community.  We bring together health and wellness providers with seekers of natural and holistic ways of healing.   In the inspired community, we are dedicated to collaboration, fostering break-throughs in well-being, supporting the providers in growth of their business, and creating space for new experiences!   
Please visit the Membership tab to see all your benefits that come with your subscription.

What to know about the Ambassador Card...

  • During your first week of enrollement, you will recieve your welcome email and digital Ambassador Card. 
  • You will also recieve a physical card in the mail shortly after enrollment. For professional members, we will need our Professional profile completed before we can print your card.
  • The ambassador card is BOTH your way to share the GOL community AND to receive your membership discounts with our providers and community partners! 
  • Want to learn more about what discounts you have available, head over to the Community Partners Tab.

New Professional Members...

  • All new professional members will receive their "Next Steps" email after your welcome email.  This is a professional profile that will need to be completed as soon as possible after enrollment!  This information can be updated later, so please submit an what informatoin you have and if we need to make changes later, we can assist with that.
  • We use these details to create your digital assets and to build your profile to advertise you on the GOL website and social media!

Stay connected...

Community Standards and Mission...

Gathering of Lightworkers was formed to raise the frequency of JOY & GRATITUDE.  We are here to support both Community Members and our Professional Members who offer services in health and wellness.  If we stay anchored in those values with all that we do, then we stay in alignment. This is a space to speak freely and share thoughts, ideas, and perspectives.  Remember, we are all unique and come from different environments.  We need to maintain positive interactions and find common ground. But it too is ok to “agree to disagree”  on viewpoints. 

Membership Commitment...

  • In order to create community stability and to cover the recourses required to create some of the membership benefits, we do require a short commitment time.
  • Persoanl Journey Members Community Membership: we require a 3-month minimum commitment.  
  • Professional Membership: we require a 6-month minimum commitment.

Membership "Pause" vs Cancelation...

  • If you have sudden medical or other unforeseen circumstances arise, but don’t want to fully cancel your membership, consider a short pause in your membership. This will preserve your membership account information and create a seamless transition back into the GOL community at the end of the designated pause.  The “Pause” options are:  1-month, 2-month, or 3 months.
  • During your pause in membership, you will have NO Active Membership benefits (such as attending the events or utilization of Ambassador Discounts), but once your Pause period has ended and the subscription renewal is activated again, you will have your regular full access!
  • Membership Pause request will be reviewed and approval notification sent via email.
  • We are committed to serving our community and creating options for our members when life happens!
  • To request PAUSE, email GOL team at: [email protected]