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What our members have to say...

Calling All Lightworkers!

This means anyone who is seeking to share their light with this world!

This community was created to have that one space in our lives we can ALL come together finding common ground and support the practitioners in the healing space.

What is a Lightworker?
Some people ask what a lightworker is, or doubt themselves being a lightworker. Simply put, anyone who wants to share their light with this world is a lightworker. You could be a shaman healer or office assistant , it doesn't matter. Anyone has the gift of being a lightworker, and seeing that light within themselves and in others.
Our Mission
The mission of this group is to raise the frequency of JOY and GRATITUDE, creating a sacred space to share all things healing. By coming together, we shed away the "this" and "that" in life and find common ground discovering that we all share some of the same fabric.

The foundational focus is on personal empowerment, expansion of consciousness, providing wisdom in holistic healing knowledge, and building a stronger community.

Secondarily, professional growth and development occur organically. We are all deserving of abundance and providing a foundation for our alternative health professional healers to grow and share their natural healing techniques is just as important. Together we thrive.
About Gathering of Lightworkers
The Gathering of Lightworkers is focused on bringing a community of people together who want to use their energy to bring healing to themselves, others, and the world. We come from varying walks of life, faiths, and life experiences.

Members of the Gathering of Lightworkers want to be a part of something bigger than themselves. As worldwide consciousness and awareness rise, we work to generate a space to land safely and share our knowledge and experience with others.
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